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Hosted PBX Phone Systems

A highly adaptive and affordable phone system, our hosted PBX solution works for start ups right through to larger businesses - the All-In-One Business PBX comes with highly advanced features & low cost calls.

  • Fully Featured Hosted Phone System
  • Music on Hold included
  • Flexible Auto Attendant and Hunt Groups included
  • Voicemail-to-Email & Fax-to-Email
  • Direct Indial Numbers
  • No long Term Contracts
  • Customise Features according to User Needs: Standard, Mobility, Executive
  • NO Line Rental Costs
  • FREE Inter-Office Calls
  • Flat Rate Local & National Calls

How does it work?

Instead of having a PBX in your office, it sits in the data centre; and your IP desk phone connects directly to it over the internet. The below diagram gives an indication of what a typical installation would look like;

How Does Hosted PBX Work?

What are the Benefits?
A phone system that grows with you The hosted PBX solution is a monthly service which replaces the traditional PBX. That means less upfront costs, and a pay for only what you use model. The only capital costs are the handsets themselves.
Big savings on call costs With FREE calls between offices and flat rate local and national calls, staff can talk for as long as they like without you feeling the pinch.
Features that enhance productivity The hosted PBX solution offers all the advanced features you would expect from a traditional PBX. Our features and functionality can be adapted to suit your business needs to ensure that calls will be managed in the most efficient way.
Future proof your Business Moving your PBX from onsite hardware to an enterprise grade cloud environment both saves you on maintenance of your onsite PBX hardware and ensures that your system is always kept current with the latest updates. As our product evolves in the fast-changing Telco space, your business will be able to add cutting edge features and functionality without the need to buy a new PBX; or risk of onsite failures.

Plan Options

Hosted PBX User License Options User Feature Options Inter-Office Calls Local Calls National Calls Calls to Mobiles Calls to 13 Numbers
Monthly Access: $20 Standard Users: $10 Fax to Email: $7 Free 14c per call 14c per call 30c per min 33c per call
Hunt Groups: Free
Enhanced Hunt Groups: $3.30
Standard with Mobility: $15 Web Assistant: $6
Auto Attendant: $22 Executive: $20 Conference Centre: $7.70 Each
(Min of 5)
All prices above are INC GST. DID numbers at $0.66 each. $5 per DID Range, (Minimum of 10 numbers).$55 connection fee. $55 Business Hours Porting fee per porting authority form.
Things you should know:
1. In order to access the service, you will need a dedicated fixed line broadband Internet connection, such as ADSL 2+ or Business Grade Data you will also need IP Phones and a router and may need extra hardware depending on your set up e.g. switches. 2. We recommend that the Service be accessed with hardware supplied by us, using a broadband ADSL or Business Grade Data service supplied by us to our specifications. 3. The broadband speed required for the Service will depend on the number of concurrent calls and codec used by your device. We recommmend that you have a dedciated Broadband connection for Voice services. Data transmission demands on your network may cause the bandwidth available for voice transmission to be limited if voice and data share the same connection. 4. Extra charges will be incurred for freight for any hardware. 5. Minimum 10 DID numbers purchased in blocks of 10. 6. Porting is charged per application. 7. International Calls are allowed by default, if you require this feature to be blocked you will need to contact us.

What are the user & group features?

Group features, which apply to everyone when enabled, include the following;

  • Automated Attendant
  • Hunt Groups
  • Music on Hold
  • Conference Centre

Additional add on user features include the following;

  • Web Assistant
  • Fax to Email

User Features are the type of user license enabled per person. The different features each type has is as follows;

User Features Standard Standard with Mobility Executive
Call Hold & Transfer Yes Yes Yes
Call Forward Yes Yes Yes
Call Park Yes Yes Yes
Call Pick up Yes Yes Yes
Do Not Disturb Yes Yes Yes
Speed Dial Yes Yes Yes
3 Way Calling Yes Yes Yes
Voicemail to Email Yes Yes Yes
Call Waiting Yes Yes Yes
Anonymous Call Rejection Yes Yes Yes
Line Identification Restriction Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Callback Yes Yes Yes
Last number redial Yes Yes Yes
Simultaneous/Sequential Ring Yes Yes
Shared Call Appearance Yes Yes
Busy Lamp Field Yes
Call Forward Selective Yes
Call Notify Yes
Push to Talk Yes

IP Handsets

Tropical Communications keeps an extensive lineup of IP handsets, which can be purchased outright or leased from as little as $15.95 per month.

Hosted PBX
Hosted PBX
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