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Download the offline version of the NBN Brochure here.

Australia’s National Broadband Network

Be one of the first in Australia to connect to the National Broadband Network. The NBN is being rolled out across Australia to many metropolitan and regional locations using the latest in Fibre, Wireless and Satellite technologies. You may be in one of the many roll out locations, simply let us know your address and we can help you choose a plan to best suit your needs.

Significantly higher speeds than any other network!

The potential speeds on the NBN network are significantly higher than ADSL which is delivered on the old copper based network. You can achieve incredible speeds of up to 100Mb/s download which is 5 times faster than the highest ADSL2+ speed available.

Wide range of plans to suit your needs.

For smaller families with minimal internet requirements or for basic business connectivity, you may choose from a lower speed plan with a small data inclusion. For larger households which rely on the internet for school or for businesses accessing cloud based applications, we offer a range of high speed services with up to 1TB of included data.

See a plan that works for you?

Our plans range from 50 GB at 25MB / 5MB right up to 1TB at 100MB / 40MB, something for everyone!

NBN 100GB Plans

NBN 250GB Plans

NBN 500GB Plans

NBN 1TB Plans

NBN 2TB Plans

* Not currently available on fixed wireless NBN.

Note: Data Allowance each month includes both Uploaded and Downloaded traffic for that billing period and quota not used in a month is not carried forward to the next month. Once you have used your data allowance for each month your service will be shaped or excess usage incurred depending on the plan selected.

For full information please see the NBN Critical Information Summary.

Download the NBN offline application form here.

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National Broadband Network (NBN)