Tropical Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions from Tropical Business Solutions are powerful and scalable.

The Tropical Cloud Desktop takes computing away from devices in the office

Tropical Cloud Services

and puts it in our data center. From there you can login to your Cloud Desktop from any device anywhere in the world to access your company programs, files, network drives, emails - everything. Acting as a replacement for both desktop computers and servers, capital costs for business go way way down, and cheap devices called "Thin Clients" or even tablets can be used instead - reducing maintenance & outlay drastically.

Tropical Cloud Backup solutions let you backup any device, anytime, anywhere. Don't leave your data at risk, let us help you keep it safe now.

Hosted Exchange Email Hosting give you all the storage you need (50GB!) in a managed, professional environment. Let us take care of your email virus scanning and spam. We'll even backup emails that have been deleted for 15 days, and let you access your data from as many different devices as you want.

Tropical Cloud Services

Cloud Solutions from Tropical Business Solutions;